I'm a full stack software developer especialized in web and mobile. I've worked remotly for more than 8 years. Love coding in Python and Javascript, implement new technologies and work in challenging projects.


Python Developer

2018-May-04 - present
MiArgentina kilimoagtech.com

MiArgentina is the platform for the Digital Citizen in Argentina, it provide Digital Licence, Digital DNI and other services in your pocket

  • Python2 to Python3 migration
  • Implement API Rest to consume other entities information
  • Add new features to OpenID
  • Improve API authentication systems.
  • Create identity validation SaaS for Goverment entities
Python, Git, XML, RPC, API-REST, OpenID, NodeJS, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis, Celery, Ansible

Software Developer

2017-December-04 - 2018-April-01

Kilimo is a decision support tool for irrigation management that use satellite, climate and on-site data to improve yields and water use

  • Migrate services to AWS
  • Improve data set of weather information for argentina by creating scrappers and API integrations
  • Create mobile application for AgTeam with geolocation, synchronization, offline-first and reports features
  • Development of new features and bug fixing on Django, Cordova and Angular
Python, Git, AWS (EC2, RDS2), Celery, Ionic, Scrappy, API-REST, Android, Django, DjangoRestFramework

Full Stack Developer

2015-July-05 - 2017-December-3

I worked in freelance project on UpWork site.

Python, Django, Git

Full Stack Developer

2015-January-05 - 2017-June-14
Planisys Corp, United States planisys.com

Planisys is Cloud Service provider with a wide range of products like VPS, CDN and corporeated email solutions.

  • Design and implement CDN service architecture
  • Create ansible roles for provisioning
  • Make python scripts to infraestructure monitoring and statistics
  • Create web app for CDN service
Python, Flask, DjangoRestFramework, Django, KnockoutJS, RabitMQ, Celery, Golang, HTML, Nginx, OpenVZ, Ansible

Software Developer

2013-November-10 — 2014-December-10
BananaDesk, Miamibananadesk.com

BananaDesk is a Property Managment Software oriented to Hostel business.

  • Create unitests
  • Move infraestructure from VPS to Amazon using RDS and EC2
  • Implement Continuous Integrations with CircleCI
AWS(RDS, EC2), CI, Git, DjangoRestFramework, Jquery, Django, Fabric, Python

Full Stack Developer

2011-September-21 — 2013-October-25
DIRCOM, Argentinagrupodircom.com

Consultora DIRCOM is a Communication agency based on Argentina with clients all around LATAM

  • Create custom CRM and CMS for the company with bulk Email and SMS notifications
  • Work with Facebook and Twitter API
  • Development of several responsive web sites
AWS(RDS, EC2), Git, Jquery, Django, Fabric, Python

Front End Developer

2010-February-01 — 2010-July-01
Cero4, Argentinacero4.com.ar

Working in several sites for this agency based in Argentina

  • Slice PSD and AI files to plain HTML for websites or email marketing templates
HTML, CSS, Jquery


Some Open Source projects of mine.

Tero - A SaaS tool and Mobile App for monitoring and intrusion detection to use with different Security Cameras
Drosh - Script to create shared links automatically in Dropbox
Django Phantom PDF - A Django app to render any view as a PDF file
Votaciones Parser - A little script to parse PDF files of legislative votes for Congreso Interactivo organization


Rest In Python 3

Intriduction to API RESTful creation using Flask


Certifications & Courses

Introduction to Data Science in Python

University of Michigan

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  • HTML5
  • Javascript
  • LESS
  • CSS3
  • SAAS
  • AngularJS
  • BackboneJS
  • KnockoutJS
  • Bower
  • Python
  • BASH
  • Nginx
  • SSH
  • RabbitMQ
  • Django
  • Flask
  • RESTful
  • Node.js
  • MongoDB
  • Redis
  • Celery
  • RabbitMQ
  • API Development
  • PHP
  • Ionic
  • Cordova
  • Offline-first
  • Unit Tests
  • Selenium
  • Amazon AWS
  • Docker
  • Digital Ocean
  • Git
  • Ansible
  • Vagrant
  • LXC


Juan fue uno de los programadores que me enseñaron su profesión en las oficinas de Consultora DIRCOM y a distancia en cada una de mis consultas particulares. Demostró siempre una escucha activa y una constante búsqueda de soluciones para avanzar y optimizar la gestión de comunicación de los clientes de la agencia. Una gran persona que volvería a elegir para trabajar en equipo.

Account executive at DIRCOM Paolo Luca

Juan is a great software developer. I have had the pleasure of being a co-worker on several projects. He proved to be a helpful person, providing diverse ideas and ways of addressing a problem. He is also a humble person, receptive to new ideas and suggestions.

Emiliano Dalla Verde Marcozzi

Incorporamos a Juan en el equipo de BananaDesk cuando recién empezábamos (el único desarrollador del equipo en ese momento), y fue un componente vital para el éxito inicial y el establecimiento del producto. Es una persona muy dedicada, curiosa, autosuficiente y una buena incorporación a cualquier equipo. En el tiempo que trabajamos juntos, no hubo ningún momento en el cual el problema que necesitábamos resolver en tecnología, estaba fuera de su alcance para investigar y eventualmente resolver.

BananaDesk owner Tim Zenderman